Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, January 12, 2015

Birthday week miracles! January 12, 2015


The answer is: NO, I cannot believe I am turning 20! My teen years are over and I feel old! but we had lots of huge miracles this week for my birthday! It has been so fun! I know the lord is making this the best birthday ever for me. On Thursday Sister Britton said to me, "you have less than a week of being 19, better make it count." I said, "what do I do?" She said, "you find three people to baptize, two people to reactivate, and you buy a head band on Monday."

Day 1: We found Laura. She is a single divorced mom, return sister missionary, and less-active. She has gone through HARD times and is just figuring things out. She has the strongest testimony and the sweetest spirit. One person to reactivate!
Day 2: We find Greg. A young man we met at the apartments. We asked if he had a relationship with Christ and he said, "good question, please come back so we can talk about it when I'm not sick." One person we can baptize.
Day 3: We get a referral from temple square for a man named Richard. His wife is Christian and their family is going through a really hard time. Both of their parents are sick and taking care of their only daughter in China, while they are busy with their restaurant here in America. His wife said, “the only thing that will save our marriage is if you learn about God.” He likes our religion because of its focus on family. Second person we can baptize.
Day 4: Three people in the same family came up to us at church and told us about their little 8- year-old nephew/grandson whose dad is less-active and the 8-year-old said he wants to be baptized. They asked us to go teach him and we just went through the first lesson. Third person we can baptize and second person we can reactivate.
Today I am going to find a headband at Wal-Mart.
And also at one of our dinner appointments we got enchiladas and chocolate cheesecake with berry sauce....


I love how much the Lord cares about each of us and answers our prayers. What a week of miracles. (:

We had interviews with President Eberhardt this week, which I always look forward to. He is so kind and such a Christlike person. He fills me with the Spirit every time we talk and he is so filled with love and encouragement, even when I tell him about some of my struggles. He makes me feel like I can conquer anything and helps me know that I am doing the right thing and he is proud of me, Just like I know Heavenly Father is. I have the best mission president!

It is easy for me to imagine just how happy we will be when we return to our Heavenly Father because I can simply imagine how happy I will be when I get to see everyone at home again. But, I am grateful to get close to my Father now through praying and serving Him and I am grateful I get to be close to you through email and all our good memories. (:

We have a lesson tonight with Jayden and hopefully her mom will come. We think we might have to push her baptism date back but we keep praying for her. Jayden was at church though and she is doing great! Martha is visiting her brother in Florida and enjoying the sunshine - I’m sure haha so we will see what happens when she gets back. Margarita is being taught by the Hermanas and we haven’t heard from them saying they need help with her so hopefully that’s a good sign! We took our recent convert, Pippa, with us to Carolyn’s lesson and they really connected and were able to have some really good conversations with her about some of the things she doesn't understand about the Church. 

Sister Britton and all of our district are all well. We have a week until transfers, so I can only imagine we will see lots of changes - considering how long we have all been together, but transfers are always a surprise. I always just pray that the Lord will prepare me for whatever the hardest situation for me would be. 

Sounds like everything at home is fun and great! I can't believe two of my nursery kiddos are in primary! :0 I miss them so much! Amy Nilsson is so sweet, I really look forward to her amazing letters. She is AWESOME. Thank you for all the wonderful updates. I love you! Thank you for your prayers, keeping you in mine too MWAH!

p.s. If you have time could you put some chile-lime salt in my package? … They don't have it here :( and maybe mention to Braden to hook me up with some Mexican candy? ;)

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