Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, September 29, 2014

Salt Lake City East is THE PLACE! September 29, 2014

I love you family and am doing so good! My testimony grows everyday and I love the people here! Member support is amazing and we are working hard to find new investigators. The weeks are so full I often forget what I wanted to tell you about!

I went to dinner with this cute older couple, the Andersons and some how the last name Maxfield came up. Sister Anderson said, “Oh, I'm a Maxfield,” so I asked if she knew Neal and she is Neal's aunt! Her brother is Neal's dad! She knows Judy and her and her husband just raved about how wonderful she is! Brother Anderson said, “Oh sweet 4-foot Judy!" (: And, they know grandma Shirley as well so that was so fun and exciting.

I have to tell you more about the boy we are trying to teach named Micheal. His mom was just baptized and he is atheist but is the sweetest boy you will ever meet and loves all the people in the church and LOVES me and Sister Britton. We have to constantly tell him he can't hug us, but he often does anyway. He's 15 and Karson would be best friends with him. He has looooong beautiful hair and is super into guitar and acting. Any way a funny story about him when I first met him. His mom, Sharon said, “oh Sister Hatch you just radiate sunbeams and then she looked at Michael and said, Michael thinks I'm crazy when I say stuff like that. So I turned to Micheal and said, “You don't like my sunbeams?!” and he hates to offend people so he responded quickly. "NO! i would deliberately BATHE in your sunbeams!!" hahahah It was so funny.  

I am so excited Dad got to see the Meet the Mormons movie. We talked a lot about it in our ward councils yesterday. I hope we will get to see it! I'm sure we will but we might have to wait until they show it in the visitor's center or something because I don't think we will get to go to the theater. But I hope you are each planning on inviting someone!

To answer some more of your questions. My companion, Sister Britton is the best trainer out there. She has so much knowledge and I learn from her everyday! She is from Maryland and is 23-years-old. She graduated from the University of Maryland in vocal performance and vocal education! She has the most amazing voice and we sing to people all the time! It's so fun!

Our apartment was just the two of us until recently, which is kind of a crazy story. There is a set of 3 Spanish-speaking sisters in our mission in an area about 15 minutes away and there was a small electrical fire in their building. It wasn't their apartment, but they were right below the fire. So they had to evacuate and the three of them our currently living with us! Today they were told they could go get their stuff from the apartment but they can't go back to live there yet. No one is really sure what is next but we are all together right now. It's crazy and so fun! One of the sisters is from Queen Creek!

SO good to hear from Braden, tell him to write me when he has time! I think of Braden's advice often and it really does help me through small challenges I have had while here. I couldn't ask for a better oldest brother. Keeping them in my prayers. I'm glad Karson is sending a letter, they are the best and tell her I will write her back asap!

The lady that sent you the text and photo was Sister Taylor, she's the Relief Society president in one of the wards we cover! She is so sweet! I was so excited she thought to do that!

I'm glad dance is going so well and its sounds like the events are the same here! Lots of homecomings have been going on - I'm sure Karson looked ADORABLE and that's awesome they took 3rd! Go Sophomores! Air band is the best. I miss those funny twins.

Oh mom you will do amazing in the primary presidency and bless all the kids just like you did for your sweet class. They are perfect and love you soo much. What sweeties. Aw, we also had the primary program in one of our wards. Cutest EVER! I'm sure yours was wonderful, how did my sweet nursery kiddos do? There was this little 8 year old boy who talked about his baptism in our program. Oh my gosh it was the best thing ever. He says -"Myyy baptism.... well. i was excited. 1st of all.... and there is this ghost - a nice ghost! - called the holy ghost... or the comforter. It's like a blanket. You can call on the holy ghost...or the comforter and you dress in white, and after you get dunked all your past stuff is washed away and if you mess up or do something bad.....NO WORRIES! you can just repent, which means you pray and all your sins disappears.....” (silence) (then he makes the sound effect: “WOOOSH!” then he steps down and runs back up and says "oh ya! Amen" but he said amen with a wink. It was hilarious but also so beautifully true! I love kids!

Heavenly father definitely knows that it would be hard for me to see you at conference. I get to go but I am going to the Sunday afternoon session.. so the only one you aren't going to. haha but I'm so happy you will get to see it. I am sooo excited!! I hope Caleb gets to go with you.

We teach SOOOO many less actives here and I love it. It's hard because they know its true. They have testimonies but they are comfortable with life. I am learning more about why the gospel is so important and it is specifically for EVERYONE and I am learning and being guided by the spirit how to help them. Oh, wasn't the General Women's broadcast so great! WE FREAKED when we saw Sister Eberhardt! So fun!  Amazing! So much peace and inspiration. I love the women of the church!

I absolutely LOVE hearing about different things Dad learned from Elder Holland. I look forward and count on hearing more each week. I love that story of Jeremiah and his amazing insights. I can definitely relate to Jeremiah when he was called. Being a missionary is scary! But I'm so grateful for our Father's love. I know he is mindful and I, like Jeremiah was chosen for this calling. I know that the Lord is in me and I have his power to teach, though it is hard and i have had some mini-trials.

Our district leader says that we, as new missionaries, have just as much power as the ones who have been out a year. Because we all have been set apart with the same power, and as long as we are be obedient and worthy, the power will come through us. Also that reminds me, that when I was set apart I had so much on my mind about the MTC and everything. The blessing I received was so beautiful but I barely remember it. ;( I don't know if you can remember much of the blessing now, but if you remember anything at all from it would you mind writing it down and sending to me. Thank you so much.

Elder Holland is so GOOD! I love what Dad shared with me because using the Book of Mormon is something I need to be better at. Both Sister Britton and I were talking about that this morning. We are constantly testifying of the Book of Mormon and telling people to read it, but by reading it with them we can be doing much more. We did that a lot in the MTC and I love how my teacher, Brother Morris, did it as we role-played. He would have us pray right then and there about a question we wanted answered and then we would start reading in a chapter of the Book of Mormon and pause every 3-5 verses and ask what we noticed. It's amazing to see how we begin to understand how we can personally receive revelation and the questions we asked were always at least part way answered. The gospel of Jesus Christ is found on every page of the book! And the gospel is the answer to all questions! So I know that works and I'm glad Dad shared that from Elder Holland because I'm going to focus on doing that more with the people we are teaching. 

I also know I am where I am supposed to be. In our mission the theme is Salt Lake City East is the place, NOW is the time! SO true. I know that I am where I need to be with the companion I need to be with in the area where someone is waiting to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and feel the spirit of the holy ghost through me and Sister Britton. It's amazing to think about the path that I have been set in by Heavenly Father, and the path of the people I am teaching and meeting was prepared by Him also and we will be coming together to learn and grow together towards Jesus Christ. (Which reminds me, I don't know if my plaque has already been made, but i forgot to give you a scripture so if you can still add that i would love to have D&C 50:22) 

Missionary work is so hard. I knew that, but not at all in the way I expected it but sitting in c ! hurch yesterday, (we cover 4 wards in one stake, the zone leaders cover the other 4 wards in the stake) I could feel that here in the Big Cottonwood stake is where I am needed, and Sister Britton and I pray constantly to be led to do what we need to be doing. We see so many miracles from doing this. I'm so grateful for her example and leadership and for the support of Heavenly Father. The gospel is simple and we all need it!  God is good! Anyway, I love the people here and I love you! Have a beautiful week and tell people I love letters ;) The church is true!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Almost a week down! CRAZY! - September 22, 2014

I arrived at the Murray train station Wednesday at 8 A.M. to be picked up and taken to the mission home! The train ride was so fun because it turned out that Mariah’s best friend Anna and I were both leaving for the field the same day! She was just taking the train to the airport so I got to visit with her the whole time which was awesome!

The transfer meeting was crazy because they had just reorganized a lot of things. I am in the Canyon zone in the Big Cottonwood stake which is the Holladay - Murray area. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! My trainer is Sister Britton she is 23 years old from Maryland and is the greatest!

My address is: Sister Hatch, 4791 S Kings Row Dr. #22, Salt Lake City, UT 84117 WRITE ME!

It has been crazy because just a few weeks ago Sister Britton and her companion Sister Gilmore were able to baptize all of their investigators, which it AMAZING, but it is a hard time to come in because we are in the process of finding more investigators. But I have already seen so many miracles! Every day! It has been so hard remembering people’s names and getting to know everyone but I love the people so much already. The member support is out of this world. They are all so wonderful and want to help the missionaries in any way they can! We get new referrals every day! The hard part is finding the referrals at home or having them let us in, but just yesterday we were able to meet 2 potential investigators! And, we are teaching two now. Teresa, who I have not met because she just had neck surgery and Dr. Quinn who is the cutest old man ever and is so sweet until you start talking about religion. haha. He introduces himself as a man of science and an “advanced thinker." He doesn't really believe in God but he loves learning and he has ancestors from NORWAY who were members of the church so he likes learning about their beliefs. So we help him understand what his family believed and pray that he will soften his heart so that he will come to know the truth of it as well. Another boy we are hoping to teach is the son of a lady named Sharron was who was just baptized. He is the coolest 15-year-old with the most beautiful long black hair. Mom would be obsessed with him. I also think he would just be the best of friends with Karson. He is in a performing arts school and plays guitar and acts. He is seriously the sweetest boy on the planet. We always have to remind him to not give us hugs. I hope we get through to him. He has a hard time knowing if God is there as well. I can't wait to start teaching more lessons. I love testifying of truth and seeing the spirit work through me. We just taught a lesson to a recent convert last night, a lady named Pippa. We taught the plan of salvation. Teaching things just testifies the truth of it more certainly to me. The spirit was so strong. We taught that lesson at an older member couple’s house. Brother Van Horn is a photographer and loves going down to northern Arizona to take picture of the Native Americans and their culture! I wish you could see his photos. He is amazing! He’s never been to Holbrook so I said he needs to go take pictures of the Petrified Forest! Sister Van Horn reminds me of Sister Barbara Harvey, she is so sweet. So many members here remind me of people I know from home, it is so cool. We also do lots of reactivation, which is neat. So many people still have testimonies but because of little things they don’t want to keep certain commandments so they fall away completely and it’s so sad. But they usually let us in to share a message and they love hearing from us. I feel such deep connections with all the less active members. It has been really special. One less active lady is from Spain and is a cook! Oh my goodness, the way she talks about food makes me feel right at home! Her house looks like you are in Spain, it’s gorgeous! Her name is Karina, she’s in her 50s, she loves the sisters, she calls us her daughters, and we eat at her house every Monday night….. I can’t wait! She says we are welcome as long as we don’t bring up the church. She had a really bad falling out with her ex-husband and the Church. So we just go to serve her and visit with her and pray with her. She is such a special lady. Dad you would just love her.

Mitt Romney lives in my area I walk past his house often. Also I met David Archuleta’s cousin and will be teaching him, his wife, and son in a couple weeks. And I had dinner with Sister Oscarson's daughter. Sister Oscarson is the General President of the Young Women’s General and she spoke at the rededication of the Ogden Temple, which by the way was beautiful! Utah is so great.

I have learned so much in this short week. I had a little struggle yesterday but was able to ask for a blessing from our district leader and I just want to bare my testimony of priesthood power. The lord knows and loves us. He knows our desires and can tell us exactly what we need to hear. He gives us amazing blessings if we choose to follow our Savior. I know that is true. And, sometimes we have to cling to the rod before we can hold fast. But he only asks us to do our best - one step at a time - we will receive a fullness of our blessings and reach our full potential. I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is my Savior and the Savior of the world. I know that as we turn ourselves outward and help others find truth that we will be blessed. The Church is true. I love you all so much. God loves you. I’m so happy to be here! Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

3 days until SLCE!!!! - 13 September 2014

Beautiful Family, 

I can't believe that the last email I wrote you I was on my 3rd day at the MTC and now I only have 3 days left! As Elder Peterson in my district said, “I feel like I’ve been born and raised in the MTC!" But, at the same time I feel like you just dropped me off yesterday. Crazy.

Well I have LOTS to report so I’m doing a more general letter this time but I just want to express my gratitude for the MUCH love and support from SO MANY!!!! Thank you for sending me all the comments and picture comments from Facebook and my blog and such, that has been so fun. All the elders are jealous of the sisters because we all get like 4 "dear elders" a day! They get like one a week. Elder Palmer actually only got one email from his mom last week that was titled YOU DIRT BAG because he got a ticket and a fine before leaving and didn't tell his dad until right before he left and they just found out the cost :'D But then she sent him treats to share with all of us so he is doing better. All of our elders are seriously like the little brothers I never had. I know they are only a year younger than us but I just love them so dearly and the sisters, too.

My companion sister Scott is so funny. She reminds me of a little kid. She wasn't feeling well, so I asked if she wanted a vitamin C, she was like “what flavor cuz I only like watermelon flavored medicine.” HAHA She cracks me up. I gave her a On Guard Doterra bead and I think I traumatized her for life. She was not a fan, poor thing. She is such a sweetie and I am learning a lot being with her. The other sisters have really become some of my best friends. Sister Rogers and I especially have so much in common. We literally had a 15-minute conversation about American Girl dolls one night and we are the same. Like they were our lives for like 15 years and that’s all Christmas and birthdays were for us. We were telling stories about the ridiculous things we did with them, like fill their stockings for Christmas and sending them to the doll hospital and our companions were dying of laughter! Our nights are fun. The 4 us are so close that when one of us gets a package, we all rejoice as if it was for us and we are genuinely so exited for each other and it makes us feel like we know each other’s family, and then we all show pictures of who our packages are from and there are lots of AHHs! And, "I want to meet them soooo bad!" We're pretty cute. haha.

I have gotten the sweetest packages since being here. But wow, I can't thank the young women in our ward enough! WHAT SWEETIES!!! I loved all the quotes and drawings and letters so much! I was tearing up so bad. I love all the YW and the leaders and hope they know they are just as much of an example to me. The Ghormley boys’ pictures made my heart melt. I could not stop smiling! I read them to all of the sisters. Conner's was so sweet and made me miss all of my nursery kids so much! Tell them I love them and thank Conner for the adorable drawing. All of the notes and drawings and quotes will for sure make it on my wall when I’m out in the field but let Cody Ghormley know that his is already on my wall at the MTC because it specifically said, "put this on your wall plz" (: so it's there, and I loved learning from him that dinosaurs were the 1st missionaries! haha he drew a dinosaur and said, "go be like a dino and share the gospel." They are the cutest. And the Peter Pan figurine is on my desk! It makes me so happy and will always remind me of all those sweet girls!

I also got a package from Alayna! That same day I saw her roommate and my good friend Sister Sorenson! We got to have a good long conversation in the cafeteria. It was wonderful to see her happy face and spirit! Alayna is pretty much perfect. Her package was the highlight of my day. She is really such an amazing friend. I also got goodies from Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynda to share with my district. Aunt Lynda will never cease to amaze me with her heavenly cooking and baking skills! Oh my goodness the sisters could not stop RAVING about how those cookies we're the BEST they have EVER had! So, give them my thanks and my love! They are in my prayers. It was also so nice to get a "dear elder" from Brenda and Mariah. They are so sweet and I miss them so so so much! Hopefully I will have time to write back to them ASAP! Oh and tell Wyatt the sisters could not get over how amazing my flowers looked. They said their whole life would be made if someone would give them flowers like that. So, Select Choir is basically just perfect. Loved hearing about them and how well they are doing with you mama! And that they enjoyed my note, they are too cute (:

I just wanted everyone to thank everyone for the sunshine they have sent me with their updates and gifts. I LOVE YOU ALL!! 

So now for more of a report on me. This experience here in the MTC has been amazing and hard and exciting and I CAN'T WAIT to be out in the field, but the MTC is what has given me that excitement. Since I got my call I have been excited to go on my mission, being in the MTC has probably been the hardest part. You are learning so much constantly all the time and it made me nervous about all the things that I really didn't know and questioning how strong my testimony really is. Missions are HARD WORK, but I have received so much comfort in the things I have learned and I have had to calm myself down and remember that this is just the beginning of my 18-month journey and though I have a lot to learn to be a good missionary, the Lord is on my side and as long as I have faith in Him I can do all that’s been asked. I know that He has chosen me to be a missionary. I LOVE THE LORD AND I LOVE PEOPLE! So I am happy and wonderful and know I am supposed to be here. The Lord answers prayers. I have had so many wonderful experiences I don't even know where to begin. I will try and remember everything!

Last Saturday after I emailed you we got to go to the temple. It was so peaceful. I love the Provo Temple. The spirit that is there with all the missionaries was amazing! I felt so warm and engulfed by the love of God and the love of Christ as I sat through the session. Dad I still can't believe that amazing experience you had with Elder Holland. What a beautiful blessing! Thank you for the thoughts you keep sending about things that he said. He is soo powerful and his words are a boost in my day! I’m glad you got to see Elder Robbins, too! I love him! His words were so sweet and so encouraging. 

Sunday was an amazing day!!!!! Our devotional was by Richard I. Heaton, the administrative director for the MTC. It was really inspiring, he had us raise our hands if we were converts past the age of 16 and, if you were, to keep your hand up if you didn't believe in or know about God before converting. He then called a sister and an elder from that group up to the stand and just talked to them about their conversion and the missionaries' role in their lives. It was amazing to see and hear the change in people’s hearts and lives as they accepted Christ and are now HERE at the MTC preparing to bring more souls to Christ. Missionaries are so powerful when they are obediently being servants of the Lord. I learned a lot about what it means to be a good missionary from their experiences.

The highlight of my Sunday was that we got to hear from David A. Bednar. It was a recorded MTC devotional from Christmas 2011 called, “The Character of Christ”. I don't know if you could look it up but it was hands down THE. BEST. TALK. I have ever heard in my LIFE. It changed my whole outlook on things. You know how when Elder Oaks came to Holbrook and we all just loved him so much deeper because we saw him as an Apostle in a different and more personal setting than General Conference? I have such a deep love now for Elder Bednar. His words and insights were the most inspiring words I have ever heard. The spirit was so incredibly strong and when it was over I couldn’t wait to go do something about what I had learned and apply it to my life. He talked about turning OUTWARD like Christ did instead of listening to the natural man and turning INWARD. That is not anything new, but the power he had made me understand what kind of person and what kind of missionary I want to be. I want to be like my Savior. I hope this is a talk you can find. Everyone should hear it!

Something else I really liked about what he said was at the beginning when he remarked on how we were all taking notes. He said when taking notes we should make our own small plates and write down personal revelation that comes as we listen intently, not just copying down what we hear because we won’t remember it and we are not likely to return to those notes. He is wonderful. He set the tone for this week and for the rest of my mission and my life!

Monday and Tuesday were both so spiritually uplifting and I felt so empowered from heeding to the words of Elder Bednar. But, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I was struggling a little. I asked our elders to give me a blessing. I had Elder Peterson give it to me, he reminds me of Stratton - his spirit and the way he says things and his sense of humor as well. (: It was so comforting and exactly what I needed to hear. It is so amazing to see how priesthood power works. I have such a strong testimony of it. Since then I have felt the spirit even more strongly. 

We are continuing to teach Harley. I LOVE HARLEY. He wants God's love so badly and is so willing to find that in his life, he is already almost half way done with the Book of Mormon and he just started reading it about a week ago! Sister Scott and I really connect with him and are able to testify to him through the spirit. We have such uplifting and learning experiences with him.

We taught our first TRC investigator, We teach a sweet lady named Liana. She is a Christian with a strong testimony of Christ and the atonement and she graduated from BYU so she knew a lot and it was scary to teach her. But through studying and planning for her needs and being guided through the spirit we were able to commit her to baptism! But we only had 4 days of teaching her, so that’s sad. We don't know if TRCs are members or real investigators but I am going to continue to pray for her. We grew to love her so much in those few days. I can’t wait to have that love for the people I am teaching in SLCE!! 

Wow it is all so surreal . I have so many more things to share but my time is up, and this is already super long! I will email you next week from my first area!! YAY! I get on the Front Runner train this Tuesday at around 6:00 a.m. (: Can you believe it! Stay well family I’m praying for you! Keep the love coming, I love hearing from you! Thanks for your examples. Hopefully this rambling email makes sense.  I LOVE YOU!! Give Molly kisses. Miss her too (: 
-Sister MaRiah B. Hatch

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 4 - 6 September 2014

I'm so glad you told me about Brandi, I knew she was in Ohio, but I forgot that was her mission! She is so sweet! Sister Rogers from my district went to BYU and is in to theater and dancing and singing and wants to do the same sort of things I do, so it's been fun to talk to her about that. I love theater SO much and miss all my friends in theater! 

With the 2 short weeks I am here at the MTC I feel pretty lucky to be here during a fast Sunday, because we get an extra devotional. The speaker can be anyone from one of the mission presidents to one of the apostles! It will be wonderful to hear from anyone, but our branch president, President Mosher, said it’s about due time for an apostle! So I’ll let you know who we get to hear from!! SOO EXCITING! 

I am learning so much but ready to get out there! I can't believe its only Day 4! But, I do love it here. I am getting to know some great friends. Today is PDay so we get to go to the temple! I’m so excited; it will only be my 3rd time so I am glad I get to go. 
Guess who else I saw yesterday, briefly as i was heading to my classroom? Michelle! So it was nice to see a familiar face from home, and some one who isn't a missionary so she could tell you I saw her! 

Thank you for the dear Elder letters but for next week let people know that I do check my emails on Saturday while in the MTC so I like to see emails on that day as well (:

I appreciate all the love and support. I don't have too much time to think about how I miss all of you insanely much, just a little at night and when I write these emails, dangit. But I sleep well because I am always so exhausted.

It put a big smile on my face just to know that Mom went in to select choir yesterday morning. They are the cutest; I showed all the sister in my district (the 4 of us room together) the picture of them and the flowers they gave me. (: 

There are so many people here at the MTC that this week we only got one day for gym time. Me and 2 of the sister in my district, Sister Bradford and Sister Rogers (they're companions) ran around this baby size indoor track. The only way we could keep track of how far we were going was the clock on the wall... each lap was about 45 seconds and we ran for 30 min so who knows how many times we ran around that thing! I hope I can stay in shape while I’m out here! I have to keep up with my mom! ;) It was funny, towards the end of our run when we told each other we would just run one more lap, the elders in our district started their run and sister Bradford said, well we have to beat them. So we had already been running for a half hour, they just started, so we started sprinting as fast as we could to beat them, and they saw us and started sprinting as fast as they could. Sister Bradford and I passed one of them and almost another and then we started slowing down, and then so did he, so we beat him in a fast walk. We felt pretty good about our selves. haha 

Another funny story-
I was waiting for Sister Scott to finish up some of her immunizations and these 2 elders waiting were talking to each other, one was learning mandarin Chinese and was trying to teach the English speaking elder. The funny part was the sister standing next to me was from China and knew mandarin and she could not stop giggling at the elders! It was hilarious. 

This adjustment has been crazy different but it makes me so anxious to be a missionary and learn and grow. I know I am here because of God's love and I need to share that love. Sister Scott and I started teaching our progressing investigator. He is role-played by our teacher Brother Baker and his name is Harley. It is AMAZING how when we teach him, Brother Baker disappears and we are teaching Harley. I know that is the spirit doing that and we can get could practice because of it. We taught Harley about faith and prayed with him. I couldn't believe how happy teaching him made me! We are learning a lot from teaching him. Next week we start teaching the role playing investigators that we go to the office to get so it's more real. Usually before you teach them you get a little blurb about them and get a feel for what they are looking for and why they want to meet with the missionaries, but Sister Scott and I have a walk in! We don't know anything about them, so that’s a little scary but I am just so excited to learn. I reallly love people! Even though they aren't real investigators they feel like it and I love them! I can't wait to start teaching actual investigators.

I am doing great and hopefully I will hear from you soon. My complete mailing address is Sister Hatch, SEP 16 UT- SLCE, 2005 N 900 E Unit 136, Provo Ut 84604

Friday, September 5, 2014

A quick note from the MTC - Thursday 4 SEP 2014 8:30 PM

Beautiful family! Our branch President has given us 15 min to just write a quick email home, but you will hear more from me on Saturday my P day! Just letting you know I am doing well, I am good hands, I'm working hard, and learning lots! I am so anxious to learn more, I'm still in the process of figuring things out and getting in a routine but we have all been ensured - multiple times by multiple people  -that by Sunday we will be feeling huge growth and a clarity of mind from the world and be pro missionaries! So I am working hard to live up to that and am VERY excited! I love my district and my branch we are a good group! Most of them are going to the Ohio Columbus mission. A few of the Elders are going to my mission. The other sister going to my mission is not in my district but I have met her! She is from Tonga and is super adorable! My companion is Sister Scott, she is a sweetheart, but very very shy! They chose senior companions alpahbetically and we will switch on Tuesday, but until then I am the senior companion! I have already run into Mariah's best friend Anna! So fun! And Alayna's roommate Camille and her Boyfriend Gabe and a few other friends from school so that has been fun! I have to go but they told us in our meeting today that while in the MTC everyone should use Dear Elder.com to send me a message, rather than email because I will get a hard copy of it the very next day at 9:25 a.m.! So, let everyone else know that, too. I love you all so much! I am excited for this adventure! Have a good week and hopefully I will hear from you soon! I will write again on Saturday! With Love!