Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is such a good place to be ~ April 27, 2015

Another weekend full of miracles. I don't remember if I told you all about Israel but he is the cutest little man from Mexico and he LOVES the gospel of Jesus Christ. His baptism is May 9th and he is like a little kid finding out he gets to go to Disneyland! He is so giddy and happy and FULL of the spirit. Teaching him lights up my whole day!

Joey Norris is set to get baptized the 23rd of May and came to church yesterday for a the first time in a LONG time.

We met lots of people this week that were just put in our path and I'm so excited to see what miracles we can bring to their life. 

My favorite experience this week was with little 7 year old Dylan. He is Misty's son and she wanted us to come teach him and prepare him for baptism. Dylan is a really rambunctious and kind of mischievous and
never really listens when we are there for his mom. But he was so excited that we were there just for him. He was engulfed by the lesson of the restoration and just stared at us with this light in his big blue eyes as we told the story of Joseph smith. We committed him to pray to know if Joseph was a prophet and if he really saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We told him what the spirit felt like and he had to listen and pay close attention after his prayer to get his answer. We gave him his own Book of Mormon and he was really excited. The next morning we went to his house and he ran outside holding up his Book of Mormon open to a picture of Joseph smith and said LOOK! And, I asked if he prayed about it, he said, "YES". I said, "how did you feel?" He got quiet, looked down at his picture of Joseph, and smiled and said... "happy". I love children's testimonies and I can't wait to be a mom! ...way later though. I have lots of families I have to help be eternal first.

Sunday was awesome. We spoke in the first ward and third ward -it was all about personal revelation and Joseph Smith. I have a huge testimony of priesthood power, diligence, and the life our Savior Jesus Christ lived for us to be our Savior. What a miracle.

I love you all mucho grande!

Love, Sister Hatch

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Magnifying our office unto the Lord...with ALL diligence...Jacob 1:19

Wow! What a week. I can not believe all that has happened since last Monday. My head is still spinning a little bit. Last week’s transfer news is still a bit of a shock to me. I don't think it really hit me until I was sitting at the mission office for transfer meetings and my heart felt heavy and I was extremely anxious and nervous! Longest. transfer meeting. EVER. 

I started about as far south as the mission goes, and am now as FAAAR northeast as our mission goes in Green River, Wyoming, which I have nick-named Napoleon Dynamite Land. Man, it is a different WORLD out here. But, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am supposed to be here. I have a feeling I will be here for a while. I have lots to learn and lots to do here. 

My companion is Sister Kent. She has been out 17 months so she will be the first companion I get to "kill" - she goes home along with my former companions sister Britton and Sister Coleman!  I am so sad to lose them all. They will be life long friends. I am glad to have a heads up that I will for sure be taking over the area in 5 weeks, because I am absolutely terrified. But, I know the Lord will provide.

Sister Kent is awesome. She is a convert of 2 and half years. Her only family is her mom and her older brother who are both very anti-Mormon and haven't been much of a support her entire mission. She has a great attitude and a strong testimony. Her friend who introduced her to the church has a strong family who has taken her under their wing and been her support while she has been here. She says she is extra blessed because joining the church has just let her gain another family. She is an amazing example. 
I am just so so so full of gratitude that I got the BEST mom and dad who could not have done any better raising me in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have to most amazing examples in my life from my parents, siblings, extended family, and friends. Thank you all so very much. 

Green River is a small town in the wide open. <3 It reminds me a lot of Holbrook, actually. I LOVE the sunsets here.. I can see them again! I have really missed those. Not quite as pretty as AZ, but still beautiful. 

The people here are so kind, I feel very welcomed here. The teaching situation is exactly opposite of Park City. in Park City we didn't have tons of investigators. It was hard to find people, pretty much everyone we DID find really found US! They were very committed and ready to follow Christ and give up or start doing whatever we asked them. Here, we find TONS of people and almost all of the people we find are very interested. They recognize us as servants of the Lord. They feel the spirit and know our teachings are good and true. They desire to change their lives and be baptized, but it is really hard for them to keep commitments. There is a lot of illiteracy here. Lots of high school dropouts and lots of really hard lives that just haven't gone very far. Lots of drugs and alcohol and dysfunctional families. We have to teach pretty slow to help people understand. But, they have good hearts and want to be better. They believe in God and want to feel the Atonement. We just have to teach them how to access it.

We have already seen many miracles! 

The Clark Family who LOVES the church, but again, has a pretty rough background and has a hard time with commitments, came to church! They have been taking the lessons for a year or so and they have not made it to church very often. The talks on Sunday were PERFECT for them! 

The Norris family is a less active couple with a son, who had a baptism date last year but decided not to go through with it the day of. We stopped by and I know they are family I am supposed to be here for. They are AWESOME! They are this old hippie couple who basically spend their time not working on their big Harley-Davidson bikes XP. We showed them a the Mormon Message, "Mountains to Climb" and the husband took a big sigh, smiled, and said, "we need to go back to church." haha It was awesome and his son, who has just recently began to turn his life around, has decided to take the lessons again, he said he wants to be baptized! He just quit smoking and drinking cold turkey and is doing awesome! 

The Rapues who are also very interested in the church but NEVER come, finally came on Sunday! 

A less active named Misty who was basically taught nothing before her baptism came to church, and she hasn't been for 6 months! 

I am so excited to be working with all of these people.
So, Saturday, I was able to make it back for Paula’s baptism. <3 I am 2 and a half hours away from Park City but a member was headed down to SLC for the day so she dropped me off in the morning and I was able to spend the day there and be at the baptism. It was SO special and very memorable. (: Paula is a fire ball. She was so excited and during the talks she just kept interjecting and saying, "Oh YES, I agree!" or "ya know I really needed to hear that, you are so special." or "Thank you for that. Thank you. I really appreciate it." She is so cute. Her sweet husband baptized her and they are both quite fragile, so they had to do it three times. They joked that it was for each decade where she SHOULD have be baptized! haha I got to beae my testimony and sing with all the sisters, Sister nelson and me, Sister McMullan who is a senior couple missionary and had a huge role in teaching Paula, and Sister Flake from Snowflake who took my place in Park City! She is so sweet. I am SO happy she is there! 

While I was in Park City Sister Kent had a lesson with our investigator, Israel, from Mexico and they put him on date for May 9th! He is so excited to be baptized. he works a ton but made an agreement with his boss so he could come to church every other week. He is a half hour away and his boss only gave him two hours off, so he drives down for sacrament meeting and drives right back down to work. He is INCREDIBLE! 

I am so grateful for being able to see the Lords hand each day in not only my life, but the lives of those around me. I love working with them. I love this gospel. I love Jesus Christ. I am so glad I don't have to go through this life without Him. It would be so hard. I love you. God bless this week.

-Sister Hatch

Also with i-pads we are allowed to read emails whenever we want we just can't respond until Monday. I check mine after planning at night so its like the same as getting a letter so feel free to send things any day of the week. (:

Trust in the Lord! April 13, 2015

Familia y amigos!

Well it has been a mind boggling, wierddd morning. We got transfer news this morning. Our leaders always tell us transfers are always surprising, but WOW… transfers ARE always surprising! So, Sister Nelson and I were 99% positive how transfers would go. I have just been here one transfer and Sister Nelson has been here for 5, so that's 7 and half months. We thought for sure I would stay and she would go....Sister Nelson is STAYING, and I am LEAVING:( I have been praying all morning asking if this is really right and if I did what I was supposed to. At first I didn't think I have done anything at all! But the Lord is in charge and this IS what was supposed to happen. Sister Nelson’s family is all here. She grew up in Draper and her dad and siblings all live in this area. She has been called to serve in Park City. As for me, I got to teach Paula and prepare her, not only for baptism, but for eternal marriage in God’s holy temple. I got to help Lora understand the Atonement and how she can act on the strong faith she has and read the Book of Mormon. I got to teach Rebecca about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, be by her side as she received a priesthood blessing, and help her though some difficult problems she is dealing with in her life right now. Paula is getting baptized on Saturday. Lora is reading the Book of Mormon and has faith she will truly find her answers there. Rebecca is moving and I have her email. I have done what I needed to do these 6 weeks and I will keep doing what I need to do for these people for eternity. I love being a missionary!

We had stake conference this weekend and it was of course so wonderful and inspiring. A theme was ward councils and family councils. It was focused lots on saving souls and working together. Elder Chidister of the Seventy came, along with his wife. I learned so much from both of them. Elder Chidister spoke so much about how Heavenly Father loves us and KNOWS us perfectly. When this was first mentioned, although I knew it was true, I thought to myself how crazy that is, with ALL the people in the whole world, that He really knows and understand our hearts individually. It really boggled my mind and was hard to comprehend, but then I looked out into the congregation as I was sitting on the stand with the choir. I looked at those hundreds of people and it didn't seem crazy at all that Heavenly Father knows and loves us perfectly. It made 100% sense. There is not a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and everyone of us and His love is great. I'm glad to have been able to reflect on that this morning as I received transfer news.

We taught Paula 3 times this week. The last lesson we gave her a chapel tour, talked about the restoration, and showed her the baptismal font. The sprit was so strong. The first time we taught her she had an absolute testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, she liked the story of Joseph Smith but wasn't sure if it was true and if he was a prophet along with President Monson. We showed her the restoration video and she cried and said she doesn't have any doubts that the First Vision happened and she said she is so old she is never going to have any doubts of this gospel ever! haha She is so cute. Sitting with and teaching cute 80-year-old Paula and her sweet, patient 87-year-old husband, Keith, has really helped me gain an eternal perspective of my mission. We focus so much on baptisms as missionaries, but that is just the first step to eternal life. Paula and Keith have such a pure strong love for each other and they have the big picture in mind; they both know why this is so important. Eternal salvation is being with your family for eternity. Another thing mentioned in stake conference is that as long as we have a relationship with God, we have a family. He is our Father. I am so grateful for our baptismal covenants that help us remember our brother Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father. I am grateful to be with that part of my family.

So funny story of the week, but also the cutest story ever, is again about Paula. We asked her what she was most excited for with her baptism coming up. Paula is 80 and she has lots of life experience and she likes to talk. She usually forgets the question by the time she is done, but she is really sweet ;) She went on and on about her experience with the Church. She used to be anti-Mormon - her whole family is anti-Mormon. Her daughter married a member and he was not the best guy; she says he was a "con artist", so from that point on she has always viewed Mormons to be a bunch of con artist who just try and get you to join their "church or cult or whatever it was" then she met Keith and he is the sweetest man ever, but she still had no interest in the church what so ever...cuz we are a bunch of con artists ;)! She then started crying and said, I never thought it would take me 80 years to find the right path... <3 Annyy way, then we asked Keith what he was most excited for and he said this whole thing began with me sitting down with my wife a few months ago and saying, "ya know Paula, we are only married until death do we part." And Paula said, "well... I don't want to lose you when I die, Keith." He said, “So I told her, well there is only one way around that.” He had tears in his eyes and smiled at Paula, and then Paula flashes her head over to us and pipes up, "YA SEE HOW HE CONNED ME!" HAHAHA I love them.

So exciting that Analisa decided to go on a mission, I didn't know she was planning on one! She and Shandie will both be so great. I agree with you sisters are the best ;) Here is a joke I heard this week: Three Elders ran into a genie and he granted them each a wish. The first Elder said, “I wish our girl friends wouldn't break up with up back home.” The genie granted his wish. The second Elder said, “I wish we could get strong with out working out in the morning”. So the genie made them all buff. The third Elder said, “I wish we could baptize EVERYONE!” So the genie turned them all into sisters. (:  A mission president’s daughter told this and then he said, now all I can imagine is three buff sisters whose girl friends won't break up with them. lol 

Trust in the Lord this week, we never know how are lives are going to turn, but ask Him what he has planned for you and then listen. The answers probably won't come how you want them to, or even what you EXPECT them to be, but you'll know you are where you are supposed to be, and He will help you know what to do, no matter what situation you are in.

Love you lots and lots!

-Sister Hatch

I love being a missionary at General Conference time! April 6, 2015

Love all the photos! So, in preparation for conference I was reading talks from last conference and there was a talk by Elder Perry about eternal families and I read it with so so much gratitude in my heart because families are such a blessing.

It was so fun to see Vonda and Brea, I also got to see Cynthia and Bishop Stuart! They both said, “Oh, your parents are going to be so jealous!” ;) I was wondering if I would see you guys but just prayed that I could focus and whatever happened would be a good experience. So, Heavenly Father must have known it would be too hard for both of us to see each other. What a wonderful conference. I definitely got some answers and feel uplifted and inspired. Being a missionary is such a sacred calling and its hard work! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with doing and being enough. I 'm grateful for the guidance I received and know that Heavenly Father is proud of me and just needs me to keep going.

Grandma's party sounds like so much fun! What a sweet family you have. I can just grams cute smile at the celebration. I am glad you got to be there for that. <3

We had a wonderful week. I love being a missionary at conference time because it is so cool that I can receive revelation for myself, but also for the people I am teaching! I am excited to lift and help them through the words spoken at conference. I had lots of inspiration come to me in conference. I know the Lord knows the desires of my heart and I know he is proud of me. I know that relying on the Savior and always marveling at the Atonement gets me through each moment. I know that Godly fear will help me overcome worldly fear and that Godly fear comes from a love for God, and “perfect love casteth out all fear.” I know that Heavenly Father has a hand in my life and he never forgets me. He never forgets anyone. Even when they forget them.

So, when the people voiced opposition to prophets during the Saturday afternoon session, Sister Nelson and I were in the car driving back from the conference center to the home of the members we were going to see the next session. We were listening to conference on the radio and without even seeing it, we could hear what had happened. My heart sank. I got so teary knowing that people go through all the effort to oppose our prophet and apostles who are called by God. But how much hope it gave me when Elder Cook told us that the church has never been stronger. The world is getting worse. We hear that all the time. But what a testimony it is to me that against all of that, the saints are turning to the gospel and being strengthened and our brothers and sisters are being gathered in. 

For the last session we got to bring 4 of our recent converts and an investigator. Our recent convert Philemon from Rwanda sat down in his seat looked around the filled conference center and with tears in his eyes looked at Sister Nelson and I said, "this.. is Christ's church." Sister Nelson smiled and said. "Yes, this is Christ's church". Philemon lost many family members and his fiancé for joining the church. I am so grateful for his example and for a testimony of Christ's restored church on the earth. Sister Nelson and I both think that Philemon will be speaking from that pulpit some day!

Our other recent convert, Gaetano, bore a beautiful testimony to Rebecca, our investigator, about the joy he felt when he was baptized; that it overcame every problem he had, or was currently dealing with, and he has lots of those. He is a recovered heroin addict and had a rough rough childhood. He is still dealing with effects from that, but he says he has never experiences so much joy in his entire life. He told Rebecca, “My advice is to get baptized. Just get baptized.”

We have such powerful members here. Rebecca really enjoyed conference. She loves this gospel, but she too is having a rough go of things. Please keep her in your prayers. 

I loved in Elder Renlund’s talk about the missionary who was having a hard time with his companion. I loved the idea that compared to the Savior we are all pretty much just as imperfect as the people around us. Even though we may be living the gospel, someone who is not, is not so much different. We are all on the same road back home. I really connected with that. That is why I love that scripture in D&C 50 on my missionary plaque back home. 

I am so blessed beyond measure to have been raised and taught, and continually am taught, by my family and friends. I pray for you and pray that I and my future husband will be as rooted In the gospel and filled with the spirit so I can have a home for my kids like the home I had. Dang, do you think marriage was mentioned enough in conference? I was like, “geeze I am a missionary.” haha But, I am grateful to know that families are forever; including my future family, so I don't need to worry about that right now, I just need to worry about helping families here know how they can be forever, too.

Paula had to cancel all of her appointments last week because she was waiting in SLC for her medicine to come and it didn't come all week. She has a respiratory disease and its really keeping her down. She needs lots of prayers. She wants to be baptized so bad, but we had to push the date back to be able to teach her everything. We had a wonderful miracle this week with some less-active people. I love teaching less-active members because so many of them just need love. I can really relate to them and understand some of their concerns and I love just becoming their friend and bearing my testimony of the Savior to them. I made some new friends this week named Guy and Melissa. We had a wonderful discussion last night and shared an Easter message with them. They want us to come back and continue to help them and love them. I love serving a mission so I can give and receive and grow together with those I teach. They teach me, too, and together we can reach our heavenly home.

I am so grateful for Easter. "I know my Savior lives and loves me, too." He loves each of us! Have you seen the new Because He Lives video? Share it with everyone! <3

Love, Sister Hatch

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pretty much the BEST WEEK EVER! March 30, 2015

Well… It has pretty much been the BEST WEEK EVER. And, I'm sure next week will be even better because this week we didn't have tons of time for teaching and proselyting, it was just CHALK FULL of spiritual-ness and I just know its going to set the tone for an AMAZING week!

In a nut shell, we went to the temple, had zone conference, mission devotional by Elder Allen of the Seventy, A BAPTISM :'D, women’s conference, the messiah performance, and a wonderful fast and testimony meeting.

We went to the Jordan River temple and it was beautiful. I love all the new things I get out of going to a session, however small they may be. Most of all I love the comfort and peace I feel when I am inside. I feel so protected. Even better, Spring is here! The flowers at the temple were just to die for! Made me think of Grandma Beverly of course (:

The next day was zone conference. Much of it was about our i-pads but in a different way than we expected. I really like what one of the zone leaders said about them, he said, "the i-pads don't have the spirit, you have the spirit!" We learned that just like the liahona, Heavenly Father can give us wonderful tools to build up his kingdom as long as we are faithful and use them correctly. What a wonderful resource! My favorite training was by the AP's. They didn't talk about i-pads at all. They talked about the Book of Mormon. They spoke about how with all the tools we are given to improve the work, we have always had the BEST tool and the BEST resource and that is the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon truly can resolve any concerns we have. They challenged us to use the Book of Mormon to resolve any concerns our investigators have at the time that is keeping them from baptism and to invite all of them to prepare for baptism. It was really inspiring and I am so excited to take their counsel this week! I know we will see miracles. Paula is already on date for the April 11th and we just had our first meeting wither her finally. She lives in SLC but has a home here for the weekends so she comes to church here. The senior couple has been teaching her down in SLC but we finally met her and she is so cute and prepared! We are meeting with her 3 times this coming week! I can't  remember if I told you about her, but she is 80 years old and wants to be baptized so she can be sealed to her member husband. (:

Of course President and Sister Eberhardt BOTH always give the most incredible trainings. President talked about 3 steps to anchoring ourselves when we are discouraged. 1. change your attitude; 2. accept help from others; and, 3. trust in the Lord. Sister Eberhardt talked out tying a knot and hanging on when we are troubled! They have 4 boys and she talked about different kind of knots and which ones are strong. If we tie the right kind of knot it can anchor thousands of pounds, like a boat. She taught us how we can tie our knots and never let our testimonies slip away. My favorite thing she said was to make it a lifelong endeavor to bare your testimony everyday. That is so easy as a missionary, but I have now made it my goal to continue this forever!

Ok, best part of the week started at the beginning of our mission devotional. Our whole mission got together outside for a picture and just before Sister Coleman runs up to me gives me a huge hug and says "Sister Hatch, Gina Montelongo is getting baptized." I screamed, jumped up and down and then burst in to tears! I can’t even explain the joy I felt! If you don't remember Gina, she is Anabel’s (the first person I taught to be baptized) Mom. Sister Britton, Sister Iniguez and I started teaching Gina my fist transfer. She wasn't super interested at first but wanted to quit smoking to be an example for her girls. For strength during this difficult time she asked us to come every single day and teach her the gospel. Things were going great and she was preparing for baptism and then one day she called us and said she wasn't ready for any of it and she didn't want us to teach her any more. It was heartbreaking and the sisters and I went over what we could have done better or different or what we shouldn't have done at all. I learned this weekend that when you have the spirit and are teaching with it, you can't make mistakes! Of course we can always strive to be better but I know that Gina’s heart was changed and prepared by the Lord for the right time and the right place. ahh I wish I could explain the joy I felt. Putting so much effort and love into helping someone truly find their Savior and then being able to see the fruits of your labors as you rely on the lord and never give up on anyone and pray for them and continue to support them and put it in the hands of the Lord and He takes care of each and every one of his children!  I was able to come down to SLC with a member on Saturday and attend her baptism. It was so fun to go down to my last area and witness how the Lord knows what he is doing! I know I was supposed to be there 6 months ago to be in the lives of the Montelongos and for them to be in my life as well, and I know that Sister Coleman and her companion are supposed to be there now so that Gina could be baptized. I could not stop smiling OR crying! haha It was funny when bishop got up to conduct he said, "I walked in and wasn't sure if this was a baptism or a party, or a reunion! (Sister Britton was there, too.) I read in the Book of Mormon this morning in Alma 26 about Ammon rejoicing in the Lamanites conversion and praising and boasting in his God. I love how joyous and pumped up he gets! I could totally relate to him from my experiences with the Montelongos! Missionary work is awesome!

Anyway, the devotional that night was incredible. Elder Allen, first of all, is HILARIOUS. He told a story about when he was called as stake president and literally said "OH MY CRAP!" It was so funny. But also super filled with the spirit and inspiring he gave us 8 questions to ask ourselves to make sure we "remember the Savior always" like we covenant to do when we are baptized and every week as we take the sacrament. I am working on the first question this week:: "What treasures have I given to the Savior?"

After the baptism on Saturday I drove down with Sister Coleman and Sister Anderson and Laura from my last area to the conference center and met Sister Nelson and the twins, Alyson and Ann, and their friend who they are sharing the gospel with. We went on Trax and it was CRAZY. Women’s Conference AND a Jazz game! Yikes! The power went out so we were stuck on the Trax for a while and barely made it in the doors of the conference center, about 10 minutes late! Satan is the worst. But the conference was so good! I loved how focused it was on families. I especially liked President Eyring’s talk about bearing one another’s burdens. The more I learn about the gospel, the more I realize how key charity is in all that we believe and do.

The Messiah was really neat. It was an interfaith event and every religious congregation in Park City was represented in the choir! Our stake president, President Robinson, was the speaker and he asked us to perform in it, so it was really special. The rehearsals were kind of a joke but the performance was beautiful (: The people in it were super talented and choir-enthused type people so the conductors were just kind of funny to watch during rehearsals; it was super intense! But I was really glad I got to be a part of it.

Fast and testimony meeting was all about the Savior and His love and Atonement. Everyone that bore their testimony was a young adult and most were recently returned missionaries. It was super powerful.

Sister Nelson is doing great! We have lots of fun together and she is such an inspiration to me as a missionary. She just gets it. She has a really solid and pure testimony and has such a wonderful attitude about overcoming trials and challenges. She almost seems perfect to me! She is always thinking of others !

I got Cierra’s letter and an email about her call! So exciting! Her letter was just at my last apartment. But, Sister Coleman just got it to me (: Disney looked like a blast! The choir looks so cute.

Tell Grandma Shirley I love and miss her dearly and still think of her every time I get to perform, even on a mission! I have a picture of her and I up on my wall and always smile when I see it! Tell her thank you for everything she has taught me. I have had some fun finding some things on Family Search about Devro and Gail and Judy and Grandpa Milt. I was just thinking, she has so many fun stories and things we could add on there, you guys should play around with it and upload some stuff! Like Gail and Devro’s book that gram wrote, that would be so need to have on family search. Anyway, sorry I am becoming a family history nerd! But it is so cool! Tell her happy like 30'th birthday or whatever it is, she looks great! (: Send pictures of the party! (: Glad she is in highland!

Ahh, the church is true and the Savior’s love is so real! I'm so grateful for His hand in this work that I am doing. I think I figured out this week that missions are hard but missionary work is easy. We just have to love people and invite them to do simple things that bring them closer to Christ. They may not accept, but you will strengthen them and yourself as you try your best and involve the Lord. It’s a good life.

Love love love you!

What does it mean to you to bear testimony? March 23, 2015

So good to hear about stake conference! Our stake conference will be after General conference, which I am so anxious for! I am jealous you got to hear from Elder Corbridge! He is an incredible speaker! The 4th missionary is my one of my FAVORITE talks! Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts. It is so wonderful to be spiritually fed. I always love your analogies. 

We had a great week! We started of the week with a training from a couple of people from the missionary departments over visitor centers. It was so wonderful! Brother Chris Billings quoted often, "If you can do it in the field, you can do it in the center!" It was AMAZING to see all that are capable of doing as visitor center sisters! We can teach just as we would in the field through technology. Just this week we got a new investigator from the center. She is from California and came in to do some family history work, we were able to share some of the gospel with her. She is not interested in having missionaries come to her home right now, but she said we could call to teach her over the phone when she is back in California. So, we will teach her until she wants local missionaries and even then we will stay in contact. So cool! We teach people online from all over the world! Right now we are working with someone from Poland and he wants to be baptized! The means Heavenly Father has given us to hasten His work really just blows my mind.

Speaking of technology, funniest comment in Relief Society yesterday. This lady was talking about the amazing new feature on the Google translate app and how you can hover over any words and it will change the language right before your eyes. She was saying how Heavenly Father has always had the knowledge of this "new technology" then she exclaims so loud, "GUYS! Joseph Smith was just wearing Google translate glasses!!" hahaha

The training was also about how we can focus on our purpose, just like Elder Corbridge talked to you about, of inviting others to come unto Christ with every single person we come in contact with, not just non-members. It was neat to see how we can hasten the work by helping members do missionary work, not by just asking for a name of someone to teach. So, that mini-training was with the three companionships of sisters currently serving at the Family Tree Center and also any sister that was called, in their call letter to be a visitor center sister. That just means they got extra training in the MTC and at some point they will for sure be serving in Park City.

We had our first lesson with Rebecca and Rachel, another lesson with Paula and Rebecca and Rachel came to church. Rachel was really touched! One of the talks was handpicked by Heavenly Father just for her! It was incredible! We are meeting with Lora this week on Thursday.

We have an exciting and crazy few weeks ahead of us, this weekend is zone conference and temple day (YAY) and then General Conference, we are taking our recent converts Alison and Ann down and hopefully Rebecca, and then stake conference!

Spiritual thought of the week: I was reading in the Book of Mormon this morning about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis who had a true change of heart and just as the Lamanites were preparing to go to war against them they decided to bury their weapons of war that it might be "a testimony to God and their bretheren".

I thought about what we all think of when we say "to bear testimony". I think of sharing my beliefs either by words or by way of example. I like that the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, because of their change of heart, really wanted to make a physical manifestation - not only to the non-believers but also to our Father in Heaven - of their testimony. I am going to ponder this week what "weapons of war" I need to get rid of and any other action I can DO to share and bear my testimony to those I come in contact with and to my gracious Heavenly father. I'd love to hear anyone else's thought about what it means to you to bear testimony.

Sorry for the scattered email. I had lots of thoughts this week and they are semi-mushed in to this email. haha. Love you and miss you and GOOD LUCK to ALL the choir kids in California! SEND THEM MY LOVE! Tell them to sing and dance their little hearts out. (: