Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, October 13, 2014

Anabel's baptism weekend - 13 October 2014

This week was full of miracles! I can't wait to tell you all about them! But first I’ll respond to your emails that I am sooo grateful for! Mom and Dad, you are such a blessing to me and I love hearing from you every week.

Mom- THANK YOU for the photos! (: Kelcie sent me some of beautiful Winona as well.
Oh and Kris Black's home always makes me think of you and Dad, the home is so beautiful! And she is just a beautiful lady, I wish she didn't have to move.

Tell Karson to remember to chew gum immediately after getting her braces tightened, then they won't be sore, spacers and getting your braces on are always the most painful part of the whole experience. Swishing hot water feels good also.

I love that my Select choir kids are looking better. Tell them I love them!

LOVED hearing from some of the primary kids! Especially sweet Amy! I am planning on writing back to all of them today.

SOO Excited about Scott’s and Karson’s duet at Nicole Lozano’s "Show Your Spirit Showcase"!!

On Halloween our mission is going to the SALT LAKE CITY TEMPLE!! I’m so excited! And, we are having a huge talent show afterwards, Sister Britton and I are planning on singing a song together. (: I love how often I get to use my voice on my mission.

I love the pants, Mom! Perfect! Thank you for all the fun treats as well! And, so grateful for Uncle Dale, I should be able to pick up my watch this week.

I hate to make you send me more things but its that awkward cold time where I’m kinda freezing but there isn't snow yet, so I was wondering if you could send me my brown boots, also I would love some fuzzy socks and my striped skirt just as soon as you can. Thank you so much for all you do!

AND, THANK YOU for your efforts with the whales. It makes me feel so good, I can't talk about them because I’d be talking about political stuff, so all I can do right now is pray for them ;)

Thank you for the conference quote. You are such an example to me of loving everyone no matter what!

Dad - To answer "is it starting to cool down"? YES!! Yikes, I’m going to freeze! But on a good note, I get to start wearing my beautiful coat ;) and up until now (besides the week of rain) it has been 75 degrees and sunny so the Lord has been blessing me! Many people have said that I brought Arizona with me and they were ready for Fall! So, the Lord is taking care of them now and I can't be selfish!

Also, I have been so blessed with not getting sick from eating meat, I haven't had any problems at members houses, although I think I’m gaining weight quicker because now I do have meat pretty much every night and that’s a big change for my body, but I’m so grateful I haven't had any problems as far as it being appetizing!

Our Spanish friend, Korina, is not doing well. She just found out a week ago that she has to move by the end of this month and she isn't sure where she will go. Please keep her in your prayers. But, she is an amazing Spanish cook! And, she recognized the necklace you gave me from Spain! She told me the whole history about it! They only make it in a certain place in Spain and she said they are very rare! I love her so dearly. I know the Lord does, too. Please just pray that everything will work out how it is supposed to for her.

Sister Britton just hit her 11-month mark today! So, you may be seeing her at the dinner table before you know it! She is so awesome!

I DID get to see the Meet the Mormons movie! The football coach’s family that is highlighted from Maryland is in Sister Britton’s home stake! The wife was her stake Young Womens president and she knows their family really well! The movie was so wonderful! Many people we teach have been going to see it! I loved seeing Uncle Wiggly Wings! It was funny because after we saw the movie, Sister Britton told our mission president, President Eberhardt, that her home town was in the movie and he said, "mine too!" haha - it was great.

Ok and now for this wonderful week!

Anabel was baptized! The spirit was so strong and she was glowing brighter than ever. When the bishop asked her why she wanted to be baptized, she said, “so Heavenly Father and Jesus can stay with me always.” She is going to be such a bright example to everyone around her! The primary and ward members did so much to make it beautiful and it was a full house! Standing room only! The ward was so welcoming and the spirit was amazing! Her whole family came to the baptism, which was a miracle and they were all so proud of her.

Angelo, her less active brother, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and it made me cry. It was so simple and so powerful. His testimony was so genuine and the spirit was felt so strongly.
Afterward, I asked the dad, Nacho, what he thought. He said it was good and he was so glad that all of his children have chosen to be with God, no matter what church they have chosen. He said he was proud of all of them for making their own decision. And then I told him that he and his wife were a little out numbered now! They laughed and the mom, Gina, said, " I know, I know, HINT, HINT!" But, I assured both of them I loved them so much no matter what, but I have truly seen their family blessed through the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know their kids are going to be such an example to the both of them.

Yesterday, Anabel was confirmed in sacrament meeting, which was a really special day. Her ward has sacrament meeting last, so Sister Britton and I went to Primary and taught Anabel’s class about the Holy Ghost. Anabel said receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost was what she was most excited about. All the children in her Primary class shared experiences they had each had with the Holy Ghost. Sister Britton and I sang them the song we sang at the baptism, which was extra fun because they loved it so much. I sat with Anabel in sacrament meeting. She received a beautiful blessing along with her receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost when she was confirmed a member of the Church, but the most spiritual experience for me was after the confirmation when she came to sit back down. I could literally feel the spirit radiating off of her. It was AMAZING! She already has the sweetest spirit, so receiving that gift was so special. It was a testimony meeting and probably half of the testimonies shared were about Anabel. It was beautiful. I got to bear my testimony as well and I’m so grateful I did because that feeling was overwhelming and I had to share it.

After she was confirmed, she ran down the aisle in the chapel to give her dad, Nacho, a hug because he was sitting in a different spot since he came late. It was so beautiful to see him there. I asked how she felt and she just look at me and said so quietly with a big grin " happy" - the sprit was exploding!!!! AHH, I wish I could describe it better, it was just such a good day.

Another miracle of this week is that we got 2 new investigators! We have been praying for several weeks for them and then all at once - two! And, Karson - one of them is David Archuleta’s cousin, so that happened. ;) Haha, really its been such a wonderful week! I love being a missionary and I love you all! Keep smiling!

-Sister MaRiah B. Hatch

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