Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, October 27, 2014

There are people here that I need to help!

Hello Family!!

It's been a crazy week! Having Sister Iniguez with us was so fun! Her flight left this morning for Cancun! Sister Britton and I both cried on the way home! :( She brought so much power in our companionship. But some good news: Transfers are tomorrow and we found out 1) Sister Britton and I are BOTH staying in the Big Cottonwood stake! SOO HAPPY! She has been here for 4 transfers (about six months) and lots of people thought she might be leaving. 2) Sister Britton is our new SISTER TRAINING LEADER!! I'm being trained by the training leader!! She is perfect and is so excited!! 3) We are permanently getting a 3rd companion for this transfer!! We pick her up tomorrow! So much power in 3s! (: We have been dancing with joy all morning!!
I  feel so blessed to be in this area. I know there are people who need me.
One of those people is Karina. She is going through some hard things and has had a hard past. I feel so much love for her. Please keep her in your prayers. The miraculous thing is she has already had 3 miracles happen because of the power of prayer and she recognized them. Her gratitude for the Lord is so beautiful. She is still in need of a few more miracles, but I know the Lord is taking care of her. 

We had a wonderful lesson with Michael yesterday. The spirit was so strong. He prayed at the end and asked God if He was there and that he hoped he was! It was beautiful! I love Michael so much and pray that he will see God in his life.

I'm also here for Donna. She is the coolest old lady I have ever met. She is a less active member but loves us to come over. We had a wonderful lesson with her last week. 

Martha is doing so well. She has wonderful friends in the church and her eyes are being opened everyday. I love Martha so dearly. I also feel like I am here for her. I know she can be healed through Christ and I feel I can help her come to know and understand that. Mom, you would love Martha. She is this spunky blonde lady in her late 50's and she is just fabulous. 

Teresa is another person I feel I am here for. She reminds me of mom. 

It is sad to be a missionary sometimes. You learn about so many people with these horrible trials. I am grateful every day that I was able to be born into the gospel and have the blessings that I have. I know I have them because of Heavenly Father and Jesus christ and knowing and living His gospel! 

Being a missionary in Utah also means, however, that we are celebrities. Haha, we get honked at everyday, and every member whose house we stop at thinks that, because we are missionaries we probably need as much sugar as we can get.  

Just last week we got a Christmas bag full of a whole package of licorish, toffee, carmel, two bags of carmel popcorn, 4 pieces of pie, a box of muffins, choclate covered twinkies, and I don't even know what else... at ONE MEMBERS HOUSE!! We couldn't stop her, it was ridiculous. We literaly just asked for a glass of water! We gave it away every chance we could get, but giving just means you get more. Donna has king size candy bars by her door and makes us take two every time we leave, usually along with some insanely delicious baked goods, like cashew cookies with butter cream frosting! Needless to say, it was a blessing to give up sugar to help Gina this week. Gina, by the way, is doing awesome. She gave up smoking, drinking, and coffee cold turkey! It's been 9 days and she is still going strong! 

I love my mission president, President Eberhardt so much and I am looking forward to getting to know him better! He is the kindest funiest man! I love the new Know - Do - Love: Be youth challenge!!! 

Sorry this is kind of scatter-brained. I am doing well and love hearing from you all. Thank you for your prayers and your love. I am so grateful for you! 

Oh, I just want to add a funny story: There must be something about Hatches that make us seem not American. SO many people think I'm from Europe and I don't know why. It's not like I am speaking in a foreign language really well like Braden did in Spain. Sister Britton says it's because of how I dress. I don't know what that means. haha I'll take it though. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!! keep on keepin on.

p.s. Everyone should watch Meet the Mormons. Invite everyone, it's so well done and so entertaining and also Sister Britton's home town is in it. She knows the football coach from the Naval Academy and his family in the movie! 

God is good, the Church is true!

XO Sister Hatch

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