Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola Familia!
It has been such a fun week! Sister Iniguez, (she reminds me of Jess) has joined our companionship! She was called to the Mexico Cancun mission, she is from Tijuana but was born in San Diego so she is a visa waiter. We came out together and we became really close just from all the new missionary trainings and such. Anyway, she was assigned to a Spanish-speaking branch in Wyoming but becasue she had to go to the Mexican embassy in SLC on Saturday, she gets to stay with us until the end of transfers! She is teaching us Spanish as we help her with her English. She has only known English for about a month. She is a convert of 3 years and her testimony and spirit is SOO STRONG!! She has already brought many miracles!

Gina (Anabel, Jasmine, and Angelo's mom) began her quit-smoking program!! She is SO scared but ready to do this. She said she needs our prayers and our strength, so she has invited us to visit her EVERYDAY this week! We asked when we come if we can teach her the lessons and she said YES!! Her testimony is growing each day, even though she is the grumpiest, funniest, human EVER right now because she hasn't been smoking. She carries around her grapefruit juice (it washes out the nicotine) like it's a bottle of strong liquor. It's so funny!

And, Martha is ALMOST on date to be baptized! She is praying about it! Sorry I don't have a lot of time today but I love you and I love being a missionary!

James Self and Caleb Layden sound like they are doing wonderful! And tell Micah and Levi they are my heros and I miss and love them!! I can't believe that the Phoenix temple is already built! You will have to send me pictures! I'm glad you got to see it! Easton is SO cute, tell him I miss and love him soo much! And that I am having fun and he will have fun like me when he goes on his mission!

We had dinner with a member who has a pumpkin patch and they said we could pick a few! It was so fun because I love doing that every year with you in Snowflake!

I am SOO EXCITED to go the SLC temple and see a LIVE session! All the members here go on and on about how wonderful and special the SLC temple is, both the members who just moved her and have only visited once or twice and the members who go and work there two times a week! I can't wait! Also, Sister Britton and I are singing a fun jazzy version of There is Sunshine in My Soul for the mission talent show. Elder Funfa from Brazil is a crazy good guitarist (he has plans to go to Juliard after his mission!) and he will be accompanying us! I'm so excited.

I love that baby Emma has the middle name Kate becasue there is this adorable young family here with three little girls who soo remind me of the Millers, they are about the same age, the one Lucy's age is also named Lucy and the older girl about Bella's age is KATE! It was so cute, Kate was going to eat at her grandmas and their mom said, "Grandma is going to have missionaries at her house for dinner!" But it was in a different area, so her mom told us Kate was pretty dissapointed when they weren't "her" missionaries. And then before Anabel's baptism Kat'es mom said the missionaries are going to be at the baptism and Kate said "are theeese ones 'our' missionaries?" (: They're such a sweet family. Their Mom, Sister Cutler is in the primary presidency for Anabel's ward and her and her husband did so much to make the baptism wonderful. So anyway, they just really remind me of the Millers (: I miss my nusery kids, I was just realizing the other day how BIG they will be when I return home!

Help out the missionaries in your area! You are the Lord's best tools! I love you mucho grande! Hhave a beautiful week!

Love, Sister Hatch

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