Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quick and Wonderful Letter - 17 November 2014

It was so good to hear all about the Phoenix temple dedication! I love the temple so much. There is a lady we just had dinner with who was less active when Sister Britton first got here. She really wanted to be sealed to her husband who died a few years ago. She just got her recommend and we are hoping to get permission to accompany her for her first time to the temple because she has no one else to go with, all her family is inactive. I hope we can go! We have seen her family's heart change so much - all because we serve them in their yard every Saturday. They just made us the most delicious meal to thank us, its the grandma, Donna, who is going to the temple. Her daughter's name is Tina and Tina's 23-year-old daughter is named Ashley. We are hoping to get Tina to church soon. (:

Soooo, on Saturday, Billie is getting baptized!!! She is a single mom with a little 6-year-old son named Andrew. She has truly been prepared! We started teaching her about 3 weeks ago and she just soaked everything in. She has had a crazy hard past and has been through some horrible things. But she is literally the most kind, down-to-earth, easy-going person I have ever met. We put her on date to be baptized the middle of December when we taught her the second lesson and later decided she was going to be prepared way sooner, so the next lesson we expressed that to her, trying to be really gentle because we didnt want to freak her out and as we began to bring it up she just started shaking her head YES, really big! She was like, "YES! December 13th just seems so FAR OUT THERE! I am EXCITED To be baptized! I know this is right!" She looked at a calender and chose with in seconds the same date we prayed about, November 22! So this week has been crazy full of marathon lessons to teach her everything she needs to know before Saturday. She is so excited and is already talking about how she is a pioneer for her posterity and they will have the truth becuase of her decision now and she has talked about how she sees Andrew as a missionary every time he gets dressed for church. AH she is so READY! I LOVE HER!! I can't wait for Saturday!

Also we have two new investigators! Marlene and Antonio. They have been married for 19 years and do eveything together. They say they are like gum. We told them about the priesthood and eternal marrige; you should have seen their faces light up! Marlene looked at Antonio and said "double gum!" - it was way too cute. 

I love you all! Sorry this a quick one today. Things are good and I love you. Happy birthday again dad! And, mom YES you can send me the videos. I can't watch you tube at a members but if you email me them I can watch them. Also, I am sending a package home. I have a blanket for my tiger Lily. This lady in our ward is in her late 80's and she makes quilts ALL DAY. She makes like 5 a day and send them all over the world! She said I could have one for Lily. Also we teach this lady, Teresa, who collects hats. They are on her wall from floor to ceiling in her bedroom. Anyway, she let us all pick one to keep, so I have this gorgeous pink rose hat from the late 1800's that I am also sending. 

Keep being awesome. You are all the best!! LOVE YOU!! 

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  1. i LOVE you Mariah!! i felt your spirit through your letter and cried tears of happiness for all of the lives, hearts and spirits you are touching. You are my hero sweetie! Much Love, Barb