Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, December 1, 2014

Holidays and Miracles - 1 December 2014

Hello, I love you all!! I loved all the pictures! I'm glad you have the Facebook page and the kind people here who send you photos of me - cause I am so bad at it! But there just isn't enough time!

I have to tell you that I had the most amazing Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a little rough being my first major holiday away. (Can you believe it was LAST Thanksgiving that I had just made the decision to serve a full-time mission for sure?!) But it was wonderful! The word "joy" stuck out on every page of my studies that morning as I was reading Preach My Gospel! The gospel is sooooo full of joy! I am so GRATEFUL for the gospel and to be using this time in my life to spread the joy! It was a day full of happiness even being away from home because I know we are an eternal famiy and I am here as God's daughter to help our spiritual family all return. It brings me so much happiness to know that! (:

Billie is awesome! She is coming with us three sisters as well as our investigator Martha (YAY!) to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional next Sunday at the Conference Center!!!! She is so solid and Martha is progressing leaps and bounds! She is such a fire ball. I love her so much!

The 20-minute find miracle turned out to be kind of sad. The couple broke up and Allen, who was really the interested one, moved out of the area but we have hope that missionaries will find him where he is at. We actually teach a couple of people who are formally FLDS and I have run into a couple others besides them. I know a couple who still belong to it, they just don't live in the community. It's really interesting. One is named Walter Dickons. He is this tiny old-as-dirt man who wears huge khaki pants held up with suspenders and he can't hear anything. He lost his hearing aids so he just cups both of his ears the whole time he's talking and smiles. HAHA Unfortunatly we aren't teaching him anymore because we haven't made any progress with him. But he is so cute! One of the former FLDS we teach ran away with a few of his brothers when he was 18 and was baptized LDS while in the military. We are teaching both him and his girl friend who has no religion. They have amazing stories.

Anabel and her sister Jasmine are both doing awesome and we are continuing to teach their dad, Nacho! He is too good. He always compliments each of our outfits and says we are "kinda cute" in his super thick mexican accent. (:

I haven't recieved your package yet but I'm sure it will be here soon!

I LOVED all the Thanksgiving pictures! We have such a beautiful family! I did miss your food. We had FOUR dinners. Stratton would be proud, but if I wasn't a missionary being blessed by the Lord I would have puked - or died. I have never been so full in my life. It was painful, but we survived. haha And we even had a Thanksgiving miracle! The mom of a less active family we went to see, Tina, was very sick. We were able to call the Elders over and they gave her a blessing. She has been better since then.

Temple Square lights bring another miracle. Our investigators, Justin and Kris invited US to go see the lights with them, so that will be soon.

I actually was just able to see the He is the Gift video a couple of minutes ago! BEAUTIFUL! We are doing a survey weekly for the campaign in our area.

I am so excited to be here for Christmas! I know it will be a time I can truly reflect on the true meaning!
Happy Thanksgiving! I miss you lots but I am doing so well! I can't believe it has already been 3 months! In just one week I will be done with my new missionary training! And then transfers. I am excited to see what happens and praying I stay in my wonderful area! But I trust the Lord to put me where He wants me and doing what He needs me to do. I love you soooooo much!

x0x0 Sister Hatch! mwah!! 

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