Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Love being a missionary!

Our senior couple, the Hunts finish their mission on Tuesday :( We are so sad but grateful that they are serving from home. They said, “Even though we won’t be missionaries, we are still members, so PLEASE use us!” And of course we will. They are the best! Couple missionaries don't come much better than the Hunts. I told them that you’ll be here again in April for General Conference and Sister Hunt is already anxious. She really really wants to meet you! I can’t wait for you to serve, Mom and Dad. The Hunt’s gave there departing testimony today and it reminded me of both of you. They said one of the greatest things of serving their mission as a senior couple is that they get to have their eternal companions as their mission companions and they love spending so much time together everyday. What wonderful example they are!

We had fun singing last week and this week we got to sing again and give talks in Ron Radcliffe’s ward. We spoke about faith and prayer again, so it was perfect for him. GIVING talks is not my favorite but I LOVE preparing for them because I learn so much and am reminded of the many and wonderful experiences I have had concerning the topic. I talked about prayer. Prayer has always been so important to me and the easiest commandment to keep I think! I love being able to communicate with Heavenly Father so personally and so quickly and easily! I connected to the love of God and the Savior and how we most understand and feel through prayer. Sister Coleman talked about gaining faith through trials. It was so beautiful - she has such a powerful testimony. She used the talk, "That We Might Not Shrink," by Elder Bednar. It is awesome, you should find it! 

The song we sang was the primary song, Gethsemane and it is my new favorite. We are singing again for Kenneth’s baptism on Thursday

What a miracle Kenneth’s adventure has been. We went to see Meet the Mormons with him on Friday and he loved it! And also it was probably the most entertaining night if have ever had! Oh, he and the Minor family are too much! They crack us up! We took Trax down to Temple Square and laughed the whole time. 

Ron is progressing slowly but surely, He is digging deep and diligently searching for answers. He is really taking the time to be prepared for this step in his life; so, I don’t think the baptism will be for another month or so, which is really good for him. He is such a wonderful man. He brought his grandson, Charlie, to church this week, which was great. What a cute kid. This week will be mostly getting things together for Kenneth’s baptism. It will be a wonderful experience. It just all happened so quickly so there is lots to be organized! Can't wait to write you all about it.!

Thanks for the prayers!

Sister Coleman is feeling much better! Now we just need our investigators to be better! :( 
Glad to hear mom and Karson are finally better too!

Thanks for the updates. I can't wait to visit David and Holly and family in Texas someday! That will be fun and I already miss them being so far away! Poor Jenna.

I can't believe Jocee is having a BABY. Tell her congrats. But, to be honest, I'm a little freaked out. I don't even really know Kevin and by the time I’m home she'll have a husband and a 6-month old baby! haha but I am excited for her, she will be a wonderful mother.

Jordan Simpson will be a great missionary!

Laughing so hard imagining Jessica and Stratton at the Select Choir mystery dinner theater. And how I love Mrs. Faith Caffey - if anyone can make sure Stratton gets on his way to fame, its that woman. haha What a saint. Tell her I say, “hi”.

I was thinking about Tuck the other day, you better tell him to write me! I miss him too!

Cierra has written me, she sent me the cutest "box of sunshine" for my birthday! It was so sweet of her.

Things are going great and flying by, next week I will have been out 6 MONTHS!! I love being a missionary.

Love you mucho grande;)
Love, Sister Hatch xoxo

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