Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pretty much the BEST WEEK EVER! March 30, 2015

Well… It has pretty much been the BEST WEEK EVER. And, I'm sure next week will be even better because this week we didn't have tons of time for teaching and proselyting, it was just CHALK FULL of spiritual-ness and I just know its going to set the tone for an AMAZING week!

In a nut shell, we went to the temple, had zone conference, mission devotional by Elder Allen of the Seventy, A BAPTISM :'D, women’s conference, the messiah performance, and a wonderful fast and testimony meeting.

We went to the Jordan River temple and it was beautiful. I love all the new things I get out of going to a session, however small they may be. Most of all I love the comfort and peace I feel when I am inside. I feel so protected. Even better, Spring is here! The flowers at the temple were just to die for! Made me think of Grandma Beverly of course (:

The next day was zone conference. Much of it was about our i-pads but in a different way than we expected. I really like what one of the zone leaders said about them, he said, "the i-pads don't have the spirit, you have the spirit!" We learned that just like the liahona, Heavenly Father can give us wonderful tools to build up his kingdom as long as we are faithful and use them correctly. What a wonderful resource! My favorite training was by the AP's. They didn't talk about i-pads at all. They talked about the Book of Mormon. They spoke about how with all the tools we are given to improve the work, we have always had the BEST tool and the BEST resource and that is the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon truly can resolve any concerns we have. They challenged us to use the Book of Mormon to resolve any concerns our investigators have at the time that is keeping them from baptism and to invite all of them to prepare for baptism. It was really inspiring and I am so excited to take their counsel this week! I know we will see miracles. Paula is already on date for the April 11th and we just had our first meeting wither her finally. She lives in SLC but has a home here for the weekends so she comes to church here. The senior couple has been teaching her down in SLC but we finally met her and she is so cute and prepared! We are meeting with her 3 times this coming week! I can't  remember if I told you about her, but she is 80 years old and wants to be baptized so she can be sealed to her member husband. (:

Of course President and Sister Eberhardt BOTH always give the most incredible trainings. President talked about 3 steps to anchoring ourselves when we are discouraged. 1. change your attitude; 2. accept help from others; and, 3. trust in the Lord. Sister Eberhardt talked out tying a knot and hanging on when we are troubled! They have 4 boys and she talked about different kind of knots and which ones are strong. If we tie the right kind of knot it can anchor thousands of pounds, like a boat. She taught us how we can tie our knots and never let our testimonies slip away. My favorite thing she said was to make it a lifelong endeavor to bare your testimony everyday. That is so easy as a missionary, but I have now made it my goal to continue this forever!

Ok, best part of the week started at the beginning of our mission devotional. Our whole mission got together outside for a picture and just before Sister Coleman runs up to me gives me a huge hug and says "Sister Hatch, Gina Montelongo is getting baptized." I screamed, jumped up and down and then burst in to tears! I can’t even explain the joy I felt! If you don't remember Gina, she is Anabel’s (the first person I taught to be baptized) Mom. Sister Britton, Sister Iniguez and I started teaching Gina my fist transfer. She wasn't super interested at first but wanted to quit smoking to be an example for her girls. For strength during this difficult time she asked us to come every single day and teach her the gospel. Things were going great and she was preparing for baptism and then one day she called us and said she wasn't ready for any of it and she didn't want us to teach her any more. It was heartbreaking and the sisters and I went over what we could have done better or different or what we shouldn't have done at all. I learned this weekend that when you have the spirit and are teaching with it, you can't make mistakes! Of course we can always strive to be better but I know that Gina’s heart was changed and prepared by the Lord for the right time and the right place. ahh I wish I could explain the joy I felt. Putting so much effort and love into helping someone truly find their Savior and then being able to see the fruits of your labors as you rely on the lord and never give up on anyone and pray for them and continue to support them and put it in the hands of the Lord and He takes care of each and every one of his children!  I was able to come down to SLC with a member on Saturday and attend her baptism. It was so fun to go down to my last area and witness how the Lord knows what he is doing! I know I was supposed to be there 6 months ago to be in the lives of the Montelongos and for them to be in my life as well, and I know that Sister Coleman and her companion are supposed to be there now so that Gina could be baptized. I could not stop smiling OR crying! haha It was funny when bishop got up to conduct he said, "I walked in and wasn't sure if this was a baptism or a party, or a reunion! (Sister Britton was there, too.) I read in the Book of Mormon this morning in Alma 26 about Ammon rejoicing in the Lamanites conversion and praising and boasting in his God. I love how joyous and pumped up he gets! I could totally relate to him from my experiences with the Montelongos! Missionary work is awesome!

Anyway, the devotional that night was incredible. Elder Allen, first of all, is HILARIOUS. He told a story about when he was called as stake president and literally said "OH MY CRAP!" It was so funny. But also super filled with the spirit and inspiring he gave us 8 questions to ask ourselves to make sure we "remember the Savior always" like we covenant to do when we are baptized and every week as we take the sacrament. I am working on the first question this week:: "What treasures have I given to the Savior?"

After the baptism on Saturday I drove down with Sister Coleman and Sister Anderson and Laura from my last area to the conference center and met Sister Nelson and the twins, Alyson and Ann, and their friend who they are sharing the gospel with. We went on Trax and it was CRAZY. Women’s Conference AND a Jazz game! Yikes! The power went out so we were stuck on the Trax for a while and barely made it in the doors of the conference center, about 10 minutes late! Satan is the worst. But the conference was so good! I loved how focused it was on families. I especially liked President Eyring’s talk about bearing one another’s burdens. The more I learn about the gospel, the more I realize how key charity is in all that we believe and do.

The Messiah was really neat. It was an interfaith event and every religious congregation in Park City was represented in the choir! Our stake president, President Robinson, was the speaker and he asked us to perform in it, so it was really special. The rehearsals were kind of a joke but the performance was beautiful (: The people in it were super talented and choir-enthused type people so the conductors were just kind of funny to watch during rehearsals; it was super intense! But I was really glad I got to be a part of it.

Fast and testimony meeting was all about the Savior and His love and Atonement. Everyone that bore their testimony was a young adult and most were recently returned missionaries. It was super powerful.

Sister Nelson is doing great! We have lots of fun together and she is such an inspiration to me as a missionary. She just gets it. She has a really solid and pure testimony and has such a wonderful attitude about overcoming trials and challenges. She almost seems perfect to me! She is always thinking of others !

I got Cierra’s letter and an email about her call! So exciting! Her letter was just at my last apartment. But, Sister Coleman just got it to me (: Disney looked like a blast! The choir looks so cute.

Tell Grandma Shirley I love and miss her dearly and still think of her every time I get to perform, even on a mission! I have a picture of her and I up on my wall and always smile when I see it! Tell her thank you for everything she has taught me. I have had some fun finding some things on Family Search about Devro and Gail and Judy and Grandpa Milt. I was just thinking, she has so many fun stories and things we could add on there, you guys should play around with it and upload some stuff! Like Gail and Devro’s book that gram wrote, that would be so need to have on family search. Anyway, sorry I am becoming a family history nerd! But it is so cool! Tell her happy like 30'th birthday or whatever it is, she looks great! (: Send pictures of the party! (: Glad she is in highland!

Ahh, the church is true and the Savior’s love is so real! I'm so grateful for His hand in this work that I am doing. I think I figured out this week that missions are hard but missionary work is easy. We just have to love people and invite them to do simple things that bring them closer to Christ. They may not accept, but you will strengthen them and yourself as you try your best and involve the Lord. It’s a good life.

Love love love you!

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