Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, April 20, 2015

What does it mean to you to bear testimony? March 23, 2015

So good to hear about stake conference! Our stake conference will be after General conference, which I am so anxious for! I am jealous you got to hear from Elder Corbridge! He is an incredible speaker! The 4th missionary is my one of my FAVORITE talks! Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts. It is so wonderful to be spiritually fed. I always love your analogies. 

We had a great week! We started of the week with a training from a couple of people from the missionary departments over visitor centers. It was so wonderful! Brother Chris Billings quoted often, "If you can do it in the field, you can do it in the center!" It was AMAZING to see all that are capable of doing as visitor center sisters! We can teach just as we would in the field through technology. Just this week we got a new investigator from the center. She is from California and came in to do some family history work, we were able to share some of the gospel with her. She is not interested in having missionaries come to her home right now, but she said we could call to teach her over the phone when she is back in California. So, we will teach her until she wants local missionaries and even then we will stay in contact. So cool! We teach people online from all over the world! Right now we are working with someone from Poland and he wants to be baptized! The means Heavenly Father has given us to hasten His work really just blows my mind.

Speaking of technology, funniest comment in Relief Society yesterday. This lady was talking about the amazing new feature on the Google translate app and how you can hover over any words and it will change the language right before your eyes. She was saying how Heavenly Father has always had the knowledge of this "new technology" then she exclaims so loud, "GUYS! Joseph Smith was just wearing Google translate glasses!!" hahaha

The training was also about how we can focus on our purpose, just like Elder Corbridge talked to you about, of inviting others to come unto Christ with every single person we come in contact with, not just non-members. It was neat to see how we can hasten the work by helping members do missionary work, not by just asking for a name of someone to teach. So, that mini-training was with the three companionships of sisters currently serving at the Family Tree Center and also any sister that was called, in their call letter to be a visitor center sister. That just means they got extra training in the MTC and at some point they will for sure be serving in Park City.

We had our first lesson with Rebecca and Rachel, another lesson with Paula and Rebecca and Rachel came to church. Rachel was really touched! One of the talks was handpicked by Heavenly Father just for her! It was incredible! We are meeting with Lora this week on Thursday.

We have an exciting and crazy few weeks ahead of us, this weekend is zone conference and temple day (YAY) and then General Conference, we are taking our recent converts Alison and Ann down and hopefully Rebecca, and then stake conference!

Spiritual thought of the week: I was reading in the Book of Mormon this morning about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis who had a true change of heart and just as the Lamanites were preparing to go to war against them they decided to bury their weapons of war that it might be "a testimony to God and their bretheren".

I thought about what we all think of when we say "to bear testimony". I think of sharing my beliefs either by words or by way of example. I like that the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, because of their change of heart, really wanted to make a physical manifestation - not only to the non-believers but also to our Father in Heaven - of their testimony. I am going to ponder this week what "weapons of war" I need to get rid of and any other action I can DO to share and bear my testimony to those I come in contact with and to my gracious Heavenly father. I'd love to hear anyone else's thought about what it means to you to bear testimony.

Sorry for the scattered email. I had lots of thoughts this week and they are semi-mushed in to this email. haha. Love you and miss you and GOOD LUCK to ALL the choir kids in California! SEND THEM MY LOVE! Tell them to sing and dance their little hearts out. (:  

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