Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Lord, touch me with your healing hand." 25 May 2015

I absolutely cannot believe this week happened. It came and went in a blink! I am so mentally, physically, and spiritually DRAINED. But of course, the Lord NEVER ceases to pour out blessings and miracles, and this week was definitely no exception. I will try and update you on some highlights and remember all that happened.

Miracle #1>> Gerri and Adam Clark BOTH went to church! We had a visit with Gerri earlier last week and she basically bore her testimony about the Atonement for about an hour and a half. She has been taking the discussions for about a year, but even in these last 6 weeks, the Atonement has literally changed her and her life. It is incredible. With all of the mental and physical health challenges she has had and all the hard things she and Adam and the kids have been dealing with, she finally feels at peace. She tells us her prayer everyday is, "Lord, touch me with your healing hand." She said, "IT WORKS" and we said, "WE KNOW, ITS THE ATONEMENT!" Ahh so good. They said they would be at church but when we reminded them Saturday night, Adam said he was in lots of pain and not sure if he would be able to get out of bed tomorrow. We assured him that if he had faith, the Lord would help him to have the strength he needed to come to church. Gerri woke him up in the morning and he was in too much pain. Gerri usually doesn't push Adam but she told him, "Adam, we NEED these blessings, we HAVE to go to church." So they both got up and came. Adam texted us after church and told us how grateful he was that the strength we promised him was the strength of us and his wife to get him to church and after church was over his back felt so much better. I love that the Atonement can heal us in all aspects. They are verry excited for their baptism on June 11th.

Miracle #2>> The temple. I had a question I have been really been pondering going in to the temple. I asked Heavenly Father to help me have an open heart and open mind. I got my question answered and also learned so much. More than I ever had learned in the temple before. I always feel peace in the temple, but i loved ti and gained the testimony that it truly is not only the Lord's house, but his school for us to learn. I am so grateful for the blessings of the temple.

Miracle #3>> The wards in Green River are a testimony to me that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. They truly showed us this week that they are willing to bear one another burdens and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. They answered a huge prayers of Sister Kent's this week. Sister Kent is going home. Heavenly Father told her that she needs to come back to Utah; so, that is her plan in July. But there were lots of holes in that plan. She just kept having the feeling that it will work out. She doesn't really have her family and she doesn't really have a place to start. She doesn't have a whole lot, just a whole lot of faith. Last night our ward mission leader asked us to come to his home. We got there and 2 of our bishops were also there. They thanked Sister Kent for her service and handed her 3 large enveloped filled with donations from 2 of our wards to help her get started when she goes home. She was also donated frequent flyer miles to be able to come back to Utah if she needs. Many of the donations were given by less active members who truly had a desire and willingness to serve. The spirit was so strong and Sister Kent was so overcome with gratitude and joy. She was just sobbing. Heavenly Father really is mindful of all of us. He always takes care of our needs. Sister Kent is amazing. My favorite thing she taught me is that there are no sacrifices in the gospel; you only exchange things for some better things.

Miracle #4>> We made it through the week. As always, I am terrified about my new companion. Lots of prayers that it will be what I need.

Yhank you for all your prayers. Love, love, love you!

XOXO, Sister Hatch

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