Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

...The Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister. ~ Matthew 20:28 - February 29, 2016

Its Trunky Monday so I just have to start by saying this Thursday I will hit my 18-month mark. What happened to my mission? I'm so confused.
Anyway, life continues to be exciting with both of our areas, exchanges, meetings down in Salt Lake City, and more SNOW. None of it stops. Especially the snow.
This week we had many miracles. We were able to find two new investigators, which that alone is a miracle because we just dropped our last investigator last week and had a teaching pool of zero for this first time in my mission. Each of our 2 new people were miracles. Kelsey we found while going through an unbaptized list. We didn't find who we were looking for but Kelsey was there instead. She said she had never really been religious but maybe would want to be more into it when she had kids. She was pretty closed until we started bearing testimony to her of how the restored gospel blesses individuals and families for generations! As we spoke she lit up and asked us to come again.

Joe is a non-member who just showed up to church for the third time this Sunday! The 1st time we didn't know until he left that he was a non-member. The 2nd time we gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read and pray about it but we couldn't set up a time because he was leaving town for a funeral. This time we set up a time to meet and found out he has been reading and praying and wants to be baptized! HUGE miracle. We are excited to start working with him.

Sister Kennedy's area has work happening so it has been a tender mercy to work with them. Two of the people in her area were people Sister Earl and I found and were teaching them for awhile until we realized they weren't actually in our ward so its been cool to work with them. Both of them are preparing for baptism this month.
My favorite part of the week though was our visit to the hospital. We have been looking for people to teach and heard of an idea to go put our name on a list at the hospital as clergy for people to contact in times of crisis. While there, the lady at the front desk - she wasn't a member -  said there were some people in the ICU who could really use our message. We went up and told the nurse who we were and he told us the room numbers of people who were really struggling. We had the beautiful opportunity to visit with a man named Allen. He could barely speak and his eyes were dark, as we came into the room and told him that we were representatives of Jesus Christ, his eyes lit up and were filled with tears. We showed him the video "Because He Lives" and bore testimony of Jesus Christ’s Atonement. He almost laughed and said, "He did that for no reason." I said He did it because He loves you Allen. He said, "He loves us all" and more tears filled his eyes." We said a prayer with him and he kissed our hands goodbye.
I love what Allen said because it is true. Jesus Christ didn't have to do what He did. There was no personal gain for Him. It was 100% selfless. I am so grateful for His grace and the blessing I have to stand as His official representative. Though perfect, He came not to be ministered unto, but to minister. I feel so close to Him when I get the chance to minister to the sick and afflicted.

God loves you individually. He loves us all. As we reach out our hand to those in need, we are only filled with more of His love.

Keep loving!

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