Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ready, set, GO! ~ August 17, 2015

This week disappeared in 2 seconds, but God is good and he still gave us tons of miracles! It was celebratory for Sister Smith’s last week (:

Last Monday we went to this little boutique for preparation day and while we were browsing we got a call from President Eberhardt who gave us the okay for Denise to be baptized! We hung up, screamed, and hugged right in the middle of the store... and then we called Denise and she had a similar reaction(: People were looking at us like we were crazy but it was so happy!

Super cool story for the Rapues. So, the morning before their lesson we were praying about what date Allen and Charlotte could be baptized. Originally we were thinking about September 12th, which we all felt really good about, but when we prayed it came to all of us to do it the 19th of September. When we went to go see them, she of course started by telling us stories of her family and she was talking about her daughter Ayrnessa, who she loves so much but she was miscarried just before she was born. The date she would have been born, we found out while she was talking, was September 18th. (: When we told them about how we had prayed about their baptism date and what had happened, they were all emotional. Especially when we told them that if they could be ready to be baptized by this day, a year later, on her birthday, their family could be sealed together. The spirit was so strong and ever since that lesson, Charlotte can't stop talking about "her baptism"! Allen is totally committed, too but he has quite a few Word of Wisdom things to work out, so keep him in your prayers.

Everyone else is doing good. We had a super spiritual lesson with Shana and she is going to pray about being baptized sooner than the first of the year. She is really overwhelmed right now with her sweet granddaughter, Piper. Piper is 3 and just had to have a very intensive brain surgery. She was born with something that makes her brain grow too fast for her skull, so it doesn’t fit inside. They just put in these crazy wires that makes her head push out. It has been very traumatic. Especially since she had to have her head shaved. She is so sweet. Please keep Piper and her mom Samantha in your prayers, too.

Diego has decided her wants to stay Catholic, but he loves the Book of Mormon and is asking us questions about the church so we will keep meeting with him. (:

We are mostly just trying to find more people to teach since everyone is getting baptized. If you could pray for that also we would love it. We know that Heavenly Father is preparing lots of people to hear His good news, we’ve just got to find them and open our mouth.

This gospel is so true. It brings me so much joy each and everyday. Seek truth this week. (:

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