Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:22

Monday, August 17, 2015

Squats = baptism 10 August 2015

This week I have felt spiritually and physically strong. haha. Sooo, our zone has this inside joke that the more squats you do the more success you will have. Our zone is obsessed with squats. As part of our vision, goal, and plan for the month they have included a "bonus" fitness challenge each day during work out time. Mom, I would like you to know that my mission has not made me lose my competitive streak. We have winners everyday and I have been holding my own with the elders. ;) So, a couple days ago the challenge was to text in how many squats we did in 5 minutes. I whooped everyone with 187 squats. I am soooooo sore, but my squats led us to have a pretty miracle-filled week. lol

Miracle number 1: Charlotte is ready to be baptized!! Okay, so Charlotte is just incredible. She has more faith than any one I know and such a deep, and beautifully rich relationship with Heavenly Father. Everything we teach she says she has heard before, not from any person, but she said it just rings true to hear and she knows she has been taught it before in the pre-earth life. She is one of those people who I think went through a thinner veil when she came down to earth. Anyway, she has known for a while that the Book of Mormon is true and that she wants to be baptized. Her family comes regularly to church and she calls herself a Mormon. However, her 17-year-old son is away right now and she is very close to him. She loves family and won’t let us even bring up a baptism date until Travis comes home. He got in some trouble, so they aren't sure when he will be home and even then it would take some time for him to be ready for baptism. We have prayed and felt like, although family is important, she needs to set the example for her family because she is SO ready. But, she literally shuts us down whenever we try to mention it. Well, this week we planned to talk about the Holy Ghost and before we even started she says, "oh ya, I decided I need to lead the way for my family and I want to be baptized before Travis comes home." She knows it is what God wants. <3 HUGE miracle. She still wants to be baptized with her husband Allen though, and he is just a few steps behind. Pray that he will receive his witness this week and have the strength to live the Word of Wisdom. He has been praying this week to know if he should be baptized, too. I love love love the Rapues. Their daughter, Dakota, is 14 with some special needs and she is my best friend. She is the biggest sweetheart and I think her testimony is going to help her dad. She always reminds him to read the scriptures (: Travis has been reading the Book of Mormon while he has been away and just wrote Charlotte telling her that he wants to join the church, too! Oh, how the Lord answers prayers! Someday they will all be sealed in the temple.

Miracle number 2: Shana will hopefully be baptized on September 5th. She wants to be baptized but is not sure if she can get work off enough times to come to church. She is really praying and trying though. Her daughter is a recent convert and her son is also a member. She is mom’s age and such and incredible lady. It is her time now. (:

Miracle number 3: Diego is Catholic and we started teaching him a couple weeks ago. He listens to our message and reads the Book of Mormon, but hasn't really committed to much else. Well, this week we committed him to baptism and he said he would pray about it. (:

Miracle number 4 is something I need all of your help with. Denise wants to be baptized this Saturday before Sister Smith leaves. She is so ready and so worthy but she has to get permission and we still haven’t heard back. We could really use everyone’s prayers that her baptism will happen this Saturday. She is in need of this great blessing.

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. I know they help me each day to become the missionary Heavenly father wants me to be. I know this church is true. I am so grateful for the spiritual knowledge we are able to all acquire from the Holy Ghost as we diligently seek. My knowledge has grown so much on my mission and my knowledge has increased my testimony. This week seek to gain more spiritual knowledge, because I KNOW that God gives to them that ask. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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